Important Instruction to youth

  • Always avoid bad company. Do not read vulgar and obscene literature and safe guard yourself from bad talks. Always try to preserve your semen, the gem of life.
  • Do not be afraid of night discharges. If is happens once or twice a month, it is a natural course, but if night discharges happen in frequently, one must consult some qualified and experienced physician.
  • Marriage is a pious co-relation and one should abide by every rule of marriage. Do not treat your wife as if she was only meant for sexual pleasure, but always given full respect to her. Do not have intercourse when she is in her menses periods.
  • Always avoid the company of prostitutes. If you go to them, you will ruin your wealth, health and youth and you may suffer from many dangerous diseases. 5. Do not have intercourse immediately after meals but it should be done 2 to 3 hours later.
  • Always try to avoid too much spicy food, wine tobacco and excess of tea etc.
  • Have your bath daily and don’t forget to clean your male organ (Penis) with sufficient water because some white coloured substance (smegma) collects in the male organ that can develop infections.
  • Always go for urination before going to bed.
  • Get yourself thoroughly examined by an experienced and qualified medical practitioner before marriage and act upon his advice.
  • If you suffer from any contagious disease, you should immediately consult some qualified and experienced physician.

Masturbation starts from bad company, therefore always avoid bad company and try to control this bad habit with a firm determination.

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