Genital Organs in Man



This is the main male organ of coitus. It is made of three bodies and covered with skin. It varies in size from person to person, Its normal length when in the flaccid condition is 7 to 11.5com and 12 to 21 cms when erect.


The tip of the penis is known as glans. It is an expansion of the corpus spongionum. The base of the glans projects out from the main body of the penis and this projecting margin is called corona.


This gland appears to be a sexual organ, since in animals that have seasonal sexuality, the prostate enlarges during the mating season and then shrinks until the next. In the adult human male, it is about 4cms across as its base and is the size of chestnut. The prostate is composed of muscular and glandular tissue. Its secretions pass down about 20 small ducts that lead to the section of the Urethra that pierces the prostate gland, but their purpose is not yet fully understood.


This is mixture of secretions from the prostate seminal vesicle and spermatozoa from the testes. When a man reaches climax, semen starts coming out of the penis with pressure. Each time in two days about 2 to 6 ml of semen comes out when man reaches orgasm.


Smegma is mixture of dead skin cells and skin grease and looks like soap as it hides under the foreskin of the penis. In women it is found near clitoris.

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