Genital Organs in Women


Breast is apparent distinction between male and female. It is a mass of fatty tissue. The main function of the breast is to produce milk for the newborn baby. Breasts vary in size and shape. But the shape and size of breasts has nothing to do with women fertility and sexual desires. Breasts become slightly firm during excitement. Whenever a woman feels lumps or bumps, she should immediately consult a competent physician.


Situation of the clitoris is on the front of pubic bone and is almost surrounded by labia and consists of erectile tissues and richly supplied with nerves. This is most sensitive parts of the vulva. The size of the clitoris is 3/4 inch. The role of clitoris in sex is still unknown, but it appears to be involved in female excitement.

Egg (Ovum)

The name given to female reproductive cell. They vary too much in size but basically they have same shape. Egg is expelled from ovary to fallopian tube, where it is fertilised by the male sperm, otherwise it dies there within few days.


These tubes extend from the ovaries that are situated on neither side of the womb. Each is about 4″ long. There is a free passage from vagina to womb and womb to fallopian tubes.


This is an incomplete membrane situated in the vagina and it is closes the vagina partially. Usually there is one hole in the hymen to pass the menses. Some people take it as a sign of virginity, but it is not so. Some women bleed slightly in the course of first intercourse, when the hymen is ruptured.


It is the female genital passage. Vagina ensheathe the penis during inter course. It is made of modified skin, which covers an elastic fibro vascular structure. From the opening it goes upwards at the angle of 600-700. At the top cervix points in it. It is approximate length is 10 CMS. The vagina undergoes active changes during coitus.

Womb (Uterus)

This is a hollow, muscular and thick walled organ connected with fallopian tubes and it is pointed towards cervix. It is about 8 to 9 CMS in length, 6 CMS across in its widest part and about 4 CMS thick in the thickest part. The walls of the womb are about 1 to 2 CMS thick and the length of the internal cavity is about 7.5 to 8 CMS, measured from the external Os.

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