This is a tradition, which prevails in all the countries and among every caste and creed and has got the same importance every where. In Urdu it is called as Suhag Raat. In Hindi known as Madhu Mas and in English it is termed as Honeymoon. This first meeting of husband and wife in the night decides the future course of their married life. This is the union of two souls; therefore its mental and spiritual importance is more than the physical. Previously, only rich and educated people used to go out for Honey Moon, but now it Is become a tradition. To some extent, it is good tradition, because in India during and after few days of the marriages, the house is full with relatives and it become very difficult for the newly couple to understand each other in that crowded atmosphere, for want of time and space. It is true to say that honeymoon is the most important moment of life during which the couple comes to under standing each other. This is the moment of love, not only the meeting of two bodies, but union of two souls, meaning thereby that lives of two persons have united into one for ever.

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