This is a disease of women, which sometimes ruins their health. In this disease a type of liquid starts coming out of vagina regularly. Normally their wetting of vagina is not a disease but at the times it is so much in excess, that there under wears get wet with the liquid and some stains are clearly visible on here underclothes. When a women desires for sex, her vagina become wet with some liquid. This liquid can be as fluid as water and as thick as the yellowish part of an egg. On account of this excessive discharge, there may be itching in her vagina. Due to heavy itching, vagina may also get swollen. Continuous and excessive discharge from the vagina is called Leucorrhoea. When this disease becomes chronic the women may come to suffer from general weakness, forgetfulness, pain in her waist, paleness on her face etc. Gradually she grows weaker and may find herself unable to produce children.

WHITE DISCHARGE Leucorrhoea Symptoms Leucorrhoea Causes

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