True story of a young man


Some time back I was examining patients as usual in my Dawakhana, when a very disappointed young man came to me and started weeping bitterly. In spite of repeated requests he continued weeping. However when he felt lighter after some time he narrated his story in the following words.

“I am the only son from a rich family. My parents used to fulfil my every desire that I used to put before them. Unluckily I fell in bad company, due to which I started masturbating. I use to enjoy this act and it developed like any thing. After some time I felt myself very weak and I decided to give up this bad habit. Anyhow when I suppressed the habit of masturbation, I suffered from Night Discharges and gradually the semen started passing with urine. It ruined me.

Due to over thinking I became mentally weak. My health is deteriorating day by day in spite of rich meals. I have gone lazy and do not take interest in my work. I am very much worried for the only reason that my parents have arranged my marriage with a beautiful and educated girl. But when I think of my marriage, I tremble because I know that I have lost the most important treasure of my life and now I feel that I would be unable to satisfy my would be wife. I do not want that my would-be wife should suffer for the fault of mine. I have heard a lot about you. If you make me fit for marriage, I will be highly obliged to you through out my life.”

I heard the story of the young man very calmly and consoled him. I told him to have faith in God and he would be all right. Then I examined him and his genitals in privacy. Indeed he had ruined his youth. It was a matter of great concern for me that only a month was left for his marriage. Such young men come to me for treatment and my heart is filled with sympathy for these poor fellows.

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