Solanum nigrum Linn.

Solanum nigrum Linn
Arabic Name : ‘Inab al-tha’lab, ‘Inab al-dhi’b, Damiyaa
Bengali Name : Gurkamai, Kakmachi
English Name : Black Nightshade, Garden Nightshade, Petty Morel, Deadly Nightshade
French Name : Morelle noir
German Name : Schwarzer Nachtschatten, Giftbeere, Hundsbeere, Mondscheinkraut, Saukraut, Sautod
Gujarati Name : Piludi
Hindi Name : Makoi, Makoy, Mako
Kannada Name : Ganikayeagida, Ganikegida, ganike, Ganikesopu, Kage hanninagids
Latin name : Solanum nigrum Linn.
Marathi Name : Kanoni, Ghati
Persian Name : Rubaah Turbuk, Angoor Shifa, Roozbaaragh
Punjabi Name : Mako
Sanskrit Name : Kakmachi, Kakamachika
Urdu Name : Makoh, Mako

Description : The whole plant is alterative, antiperiodic, constipative, demulscent, diaphoretic, diuretic, emollient, expectorant, febrifuge, hepatoprotective, hydragogue, narcotic, sedative and tonic. It is effective in the treatment of cirrhosis of the liver and spleen and is also credited with emollient, antiseptic and laxative properties. It has a protective effect on the liver and has shown hepatoprotective activity in cases of toxicity induced by drugs and chemicals. Useful in chronic enlargement of liver (hepatomegaly).

Also useful in heart diseases, skin diseases, piles, gonorrhoea and inflammatory swellings. Useful in cough and consumption.

Recommended Dosage : 5 to 7 g powder of dried whole plant.

Contraindication : This herb is not recommended during pregnancy or lactation.

Gurkamai Kakmachi Black Nightshade Schwarzer Nachtschatten Piludi Makoi Ganikayeagida Ganikegida Solanum nigrum Linn Kanoni Ghati Roozbaaragh Mako Kakmachi Makoh

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