Smilax medica Sch.


Smilax medica Sch
Bengali Name : Kumarika
Chinese Name : Luan ye ba qia
English Name : Mexican Sarsaparilla
French Name : Salsepareille mexican
German Name : Stechwinde
Gujarati Name : Guti, Jangli Ushbah
Hindi Name : Ushva, Ushba
Latin name : Smilax medica Sch.
Persian Name : Ushba
Sanskrit Name : Vanamadhusnahi
Urdu Name : Ushba Maghrabi

Sarsaparilla is the root of several South and Central American and Caribbean species of Smilax, a genus in the lily family. They include Mexican sarsaparilla (S. medica, also known as S. aristolochiifolia), Honduran sarsaparilla (S. regehlii), Ecuadorean sarsaparilla (S. febrifuga), Jamaican sarsaparilla (S. ornata), and other species.

Benefits of Ushba Maghrabi :

Purifier :
Sarsaparilla is commonly used to cleanse the body. Particularly, it is believed to be skillful at removing environmental toxins. For example it eradicates the presence of metallic contaminants such as inhaled smog, from the blood. It does so by promoting sweating and urination, thus eliminating toxins through physical functions.

Antibacterial :
To combat many kinds of infections both externally and internally, sarsaparilla is used. Earlier period, it was the go-to treatment for sexually transmitted diseases like gonorrhea and syphilis. Now, it is believed to be beneficial in treating urinary tract infections. It also improves skin conditions like boils, abscesses, wounds, eczema and psoriasis.

Anti-Inflammatory :
Sarsaparilla has been used to relieve discomfort of arthritis and rheumatism. It also helps to prevent attacks of gout.

Hormonal :
Sometimes sarsaparilla is used for hormonal purposes. It is supposed to stimulate testosterone to increase interest in sex and improve sexual function in men. In women, it may increase interest in sex while reducing menopausal symptoms.

Nervous disorders :
It is used in treatment of various nervous disorders.

Muscles build up :
The herb is used to develop muscle mass.

Recommended Dosage : 5 to 7 g powder of root.

Kumarika Mexican Sarsaparilla Salsepareille mexican Stechwinde Guti Jangli Ushbah Ushva Ushba Smilax medica Sch Vanamadhusnahi Ushba Maghrabi

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