Mimosa pudica Linn.


Mimosa pudica Linn
Bengali Name : Lajak, Lajjavati
Chinese Name : Han xiu cao
English Name : Sensitive Plant, Humble Plant, Touch Me Not, Shyness Grass
French Name : Sensitive commune, Herbe pudique ou Vive mimuese
German Name : Mimose, Schamhafte Sinnpflanze
Gujarati Name : Risamani, Lajavanti, Lajamani
Hindi Name : Chui Mui, Choti Mui, Lajwanti, Lajvanti, Lajja, Lajak, Lajjaru, Lajaru
Kannada Name : Muttidasenui, Machikegide, Lajjavati
Latin name : Mimosa pudica Linn.
Marathi Name : Lajalu
Punjabi Name : Lajan
Sanskrit Name : Lajjalu, Samanga, Namaskari
Urdu Name : Chhuimui

Description : The whole plant is alterative, anthelmintic, antiseptic, astringent, bitter, cooling and resolvent. Useful in cases of piles, fistula, bile, diarrhoea, amoebic dysentery and fevers.

Recommended Dosage : 5 to 10 g powder of whole plant.

Contraindication : This herb is not recommended during pregnancy.

Lajak Lajjavati Sensitive Plant Humble Plant Sensitive commune Mimose Risamani Lajavanti Lajamani Lajwanti Lajvanti Lajja Lajak Lajaru Muttidasenui Machikegide Lajjavati Mimosa pudica Linn Chhuimui

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