Mesua ferrea Linn.


Mesua ferrea Linn
Arabic Name : Narekaisar
Bengali Name : Nageshvar, Nagesar
Chinese Name : Thiet lucmoc
English Name : Cobra’s Saffron, Iron Wood Tree, Indian Rose Chestnut
French Name : Mesua Naghas
German Name : Eisenholz
Gujarati Name : Nagkesar, Sachunagkeshar, Nagchampa, Pilunagkesar, Tamranagkesar
Hindi Name : Nagkesar, Nagkeshar, Nagchampa, Nagesar
Kannada Name : Nagsampige
Latin name : Mesua ferrea Linn.
Marathi Name : Nagkesar
Persian Name : Naremushk
Punjabi Name : Nageswar
Sanskrit Name : Nagkesara, Nagkeshar, Nagpushpa, Hema, Gajakesara
Urdu Name : Nagkesar, Naremushk

Description : Nagkesar, Messua ferrea is a drug of choice for the problems with the slow digestion and it helps to get rid of the Ama deposited in the digestive system. Nagkesar is a herb of choice for natural cure of bleeding piles, when taken with the buttermilk. Nagkesar also works as a hemostatic herb- which reduces the excessive bleeding from the body, so Nagkesar is proficiently used in the conditions like heavy menstrual flow and even in a small condition of bleeding gums.

  • Nagkesar has brain tonic it is useful in brain debility and hysteria.
  • Nagkesar is used in anorexia, distaste, dyspepsia, emesis, worms
  • Nagkesar acts as a haemostatic in bleeding piles, dysentery and menorrhagia It should be given as a single drug.
  • Nagkesar is used in cough induced by kapha, dyspnoea and hiccoughs as it alleviates kapha.
  • Nagkesar is used as a aphrodisiac
  • Nagkesar has Diuretic, hence useful in retention of urine.
  • Nagkesar is used in skin disorder, erysipelas.
  • Nagkesar is beneficial to treat chronic fever and excessive thrist.
  • Nagkesar is used to relieve pain in throat and head region.

Oil is used to treat skin diseases and its local application is also recommended in rheumatism.

Recommended Dosage : 1 to 3 g powder of dried stamens.

Contraindication : This herb is not recommended during pregnancy.

Narekaisar Iron Wood Tree Mesua Naghas Nagkesar Nagkeshar Nagsampige Mesua ferrea Linn Nagkesar Naremushk Nageswar Nagkesara Nagkeshar Nagpushpa Hema Gajakesara Nagkesar Naremushk

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