Terminalia chebula Retz.

erminalia chebula Retz
Arabic Name : Haleelaj, Ahleelaj, Ihleelaj
Bengali Name : Haritaki, Hora
Chinese Name : He zi
English Name : Chebulic Myrobalan
French Name : Bad amier Chébule, Myrobalan chébule
German Name : Chebulische Myrobalane
Gujarati Name : Hirdo, Himaja, Pilo-Harda, Hardo
Hindi Name : Harad, Har
Kannada Name : Anelekai, Har
Kashmiri Name : Halela
Latin name : Terminalia chebula Retz.
Marathi Name : Hirda, Haritaki, Harda, Hireda
Persian Name : Halela
Punjabi Name : Halela, Harar, Haser
Sanskrit Name : Haritaki
Urdu Name : Halela

Description : Halela would be extremely useful for your chronic acidity problem. These are matchless in revitalizing healthy digestive system and could successfully get you relief from acidity. These herbal products are purely natural, completely free of any side effects, and extremely easy to use.

Benefits of Halela :

  • The herb Haritaki (Halela) has following health benefits – Important Health Benefits of Haritaki
    The herb has rejuvenative, laxative, astringent, purgative and dry properties.
  • Paste made from the herb is effective in healing process of the wounds and ulcers. It also reduces swelling and acts as a cleanser.
  • The herb relieves the eyelids in conjunctivitis.
  • Regular gargling with the herb’s decoction helps in oral ulcers, sore throat and stomatitis.
  • It acts as an active astringent and relieves bleeding and loose gums and also gums ulceration.
  • It is also the main ingredient in Triphala, which is used to treat bleeding gums, hair wash and cleaning tooth in pyorrhea.
  • Several gastrointestinal ailments such as ascites, tumors, enlargement of liver-spleen, piles, colitis and intestinal worms can be treated.
  • The herb is a memory enhancer and is salutary in urinary stones and dysuria.
  • The herb is effective in digestion and improves appetite.
  • The herb has astringent and anti-inflammatory properties, it is beneficial in vaginal discharges such as leucorrhea and urethral discharges such as spermatorrhea.

Recommended Dosage : 3 to 6 g powder of dried mature fruits.

Contraindication : The fruit has no known warnings or contraindications.

Haleelaj Ahleelaj Haritaki He zi Chebulic Myrobalan Chebulische Myrobalane Hirdo Himaja Harad Anelekai Halela Terminalia chebula Retz Hirda Haritaki Halela Haser Haritaki Halela

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