Premature Ejaculation (Early Discharge)

If a person discharges very early at the time of sexual play, it is called ‘Premature Ejaculation’. It would be true to say that sexual capacity varies from person to person. It can be from two minutes to ten minutes. If one ejaculated before the wife is fully satisfied, it should be deemed that he is suffering from ‘Premature Ejaculation’. There are many symptoms to know whether a person is suffering from this disease or not. For instance, to ejaculate at the very start of sexual act, to feel immediately excited when a person is besides a woman, to ejaculate at the very touch of private parts, or to discharge when a person gets a touch of women in the crowed. All these symptoms denote ‘Premature Ejaculation’, which may ultimately lead to impotency. That person who is suffering from ‘Premature Ejaculation’ should not take opium and other intoxicants for enjoyment. Undoubtedly, these intoxicants are of momentary use, but after some time he gets addicted and every time he has to take these intoxicants. In the long run these do not work and he becomes Impotent forever. A person who has done masturbation in excess may suffer from ‘Premature Ejaculation’.

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