Pistacia vera Linn.

Pistacia vera Linn
Arabic Name : Fistiq
Bengali Name : Pista, Gatela
Chinese Name : Hu chen tzu
English Name : Pistachio, Green Almond
French Name : Pistachier
German Name : Echte Pistazie, Pimpernuss, Pipernuss, Pistakinuss
Hindi Name : Pista
Kashmiri Name : Pista
Latin name : Pistacia vera Linn.
Marathi Name : Pista
Persian Name : Pistah
Sanskrit Name : Nikochak
Urdu Name : Pista

Description : The kernels are considered to be cardiac tonic, cerebral tonic, demulcent, digestive, sedative, spermatogenic, stomachic and tonic and contain a melting fatty oil. Useful in debility.

Recommended Dosage : 3 to 5 g fruit.

Contraindication : Persons allergic to tree nuts should not use Pistachio.

Fistiq Pista Gatela Pistachio Green Almond Echte Pistazie Pista Pista Pistacia vera Linn Pista Pistah Nikochak Pista

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