Piper chaba Hunter.


Piper chaba Hunter
Bengali Name : Chair, Chai
Chinese Name : Jia bi bo
English Name : Java Long Pepper
French Name : Poivre long de Java
Hindi Name : Gaj Pipal, Chab, Chavya
Kannada Name : Kiadumenasinaballi
Latin name : Piper chaba Hunter
Marathi Name : Kankala, Chabchini
Punjabi Name : Chabak
Sanskrit Name : Gajpippali, Chavya
Urdu Name : Gajpipal

Description : The fruit has antiinflammatory, aromatic, carminative, pungent, stimulant and stomachic properties. It is useful in cough, cold, haemorrhoids, rheumatism and arthritis. It is also given in colic.

Recommended Dosage : 1 to 2 g powder of stem.

Contraindication : Avoid in people hypersensitive to piperine.

Chair Jia bi bo Java Long Pepper Gaj Pipal Kiadumenasinaballi Piper chaba Hunter Chabchini Chabak Gajpippali Gajpipal

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