Pinus gerardiana Wall.

Pinus gerardiana Wall.
Arabic Name : Arz, Sanawbar Dhakar, Habb al-sanawbar, Jillawdh
English Name : Edible Pine, Neosa Pine, Chilghoza Pine
French Name : Pin Comestible
German Name : Sumpfkiefer
Gujarati Name : Chilgoza, Galgoja
Hindi Name : Chilghoza
Kashmiri Name : Jalgoz’e
Latin name : Pinus gerardiana Wall.
Marathi Name : Chilgoza, Galgoja
Persian Name : Tukhme Sanobar
Punjabi Name : Mirri, Gogajal
Urdu Name : Chilghoza

Description : The fruit is anodyne, antiseptic, aphrodisiac, diuretic, nutritive, stimulant and tonic. Useful in seminal debility, common cold, influenza, cough and asthma. Along with honey it is effective in phlegmatic cough.

Recommended Dosage : 7 to 10 g fruit.

Contraindication : Persons allergic to tree nuts should not use Edible Pine.

Arz Sanawbar Dhakar Edible Pine Neosa Pine Pin Comestible Chilgoza Pinus gerardiana Wall Tukhme Sanobar Mirri Chilghoza

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