Embelia ribes Burm.

Arabic Name : Badanj, Biranj Kaabilee
Bengali Name : Virang
English Name : False Black Pepper, White Flowered Embelia
German Name : Falscher Schwarzer Pfeffer
Gujarati Name : Vayavadang
Hindi Name : Vayvidang, Vavirang, Baberang
Kannada Name : Vayubaliga, Vayuvidanga
Kashmiri Name : Babading
Latin name : Embelia ribes Burm.
Marathi Name : Vavadinga, Karkannie
Persian Name : Birang Kaabilee
Punjabi Name : Babrung, Vavaring
Sanskrit Name : Vidanga, Kirmigha, Jantughna
Urdu Name : Baobarang

Description : The fruit is acrid, alterative, anodyne, anthelmintic, antibacterial, astringent, bitter, carminative, depurative, digestive, febrifuge, laxative, rejuvenating, stimulant, thermogenic and tonic. It is an excellent “deworming” remedy. It is also useful in fevers, obesity, fungal infections of the skin, pruritus, nervous debility, dyspepsia, gastralgia, flatulence, colic, asthma, cough, bronchitis, hemicrania, general debility, oedema and pneumonia.

Recommended Dosage : 2 to 5 g powder of dried fruit.

Contraindication : This herb is generally regarded as safe for short term use and in the recommended doses. Due to the strength of its active properties, using this herb past 3 months can eventually cause infertility.

Badanj Biranj Kaabilee Virang False Black Pepper Falscher Schwarzer Pfeffer Vayavadang Vayvidang Vavirang Baberang Vayubaliga Vayuvidanga Babading Embelia ribes Burm Vavadinga Karkannie Birang Kaabilee Babrung V

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