The less formation of Insulin and non-accumulation of sugar, coming out with urine and mixing up with the blood is called diabetes is a hereditary disease. Due to obesity, lack of physical exercise, ageing and disfunctioning of pancreas, diabetes can happen. Too much of thirst, bad smell in urine, unhealing of wounds, regular decrease in sight, acute weakness and irregular period and infertility in ladies are the main symptom of diabetes. The patient should stop consuming sugar and sweet and minimize the oil consumption. Food should be taken at regular interval. Exercise should be done regularly to control weight. Diabetes, a serious disease in which body metabolism is severally disordered and energy making machinery malfunctions. Though the recorded history of diabetes is very old but modern civilization and its life style are prime causes of this dangerous disease. Excessively starchy diets, the manner in which we eat and drink our intake of tinned or preserves food, the preservatives used in such food and beverages and the mental stress and strain to which a man is exposed today. All these are the aspects of life that modern science and technology have provided to human beings have become a curse in disguise.

A Greek physician, Areataevs, first recorded the name diabetes in the second century AD. Thomas Willis (1621-1675) an English anatomist and physician, reported the sugary taste of urine. The French physiologist Claude Bernard (1813-1878) devoted research to the role of sugar in the body and first provided a rational basis for understanding diabetes arose in connection with a malfunction in the pancreas, a large organ in the gut which produces a number vital hormone and enzyme, but it was not until 1992, that two Canadians, Sir Fredrick Banting and Charles Best, isolated insulin from pancreatic tissue and with the help of John MacLeaod, showed that it is essential for the proper utilization of sugar.

Through, modern medicine or allopathy has scaled great heights in research and treatment; it miserable failed to provide a permanent cure to diabetes. Age-old unani system acknowledged diabetes thousands of years ago and evolved effective and permanent cure for diabetes traditional Hakeems with their vast knowledge and experience evolved potent medicine for a complete relief from diabetes.

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