Cocos nucifera Linn

Cocos nucifera Linn
Arabic Name : Jawz al-hind, Jawz Hindee, Naarjeel
Bengali Name : Narikel, Narkel
English Name : Coconut, Copra, Coconut Palm
French Name : Cocotier
German Name : Kokospalme, Cocos-Palme
Gujarati Name : Nariyel, Naliar, Shriphal, Koprun
Hindi Name : Nariyal, Narial, Gola, Giri
Kannada Name : Khobbari, Tengnamara, Temgu, Thengu, Thenginamara
Latin name : Cocos nucifera Linn.
Marathi Name : Naral
Persian Name : Nargeel
Punjabi Name : Narela, Khopra, Garigola
Sanskrit Name : Narikela, Narikera, Tranaraj
Urdu Name : Nariyal

Description : The fruit is aphrodisiac, appetiser, astringent, cooling, diuretic, laxative, nourishing, refrigerant, sweet, and tonic. It is highly nutritious and rich in fiber, vitamins and minerals. Useful in general, seminal and sexual debility.

The oil is appetiser, cooling, digestive, disinfectant, insecticidal, nutritive, sweet and a hair tonic. It is a natural replacement for your body’s skin and hair oils, giving your hair natural body and sheen and making them soft and silky and preventing hair loss and premature graying of hair. Also helps control dandruff.

Recommended Dosage : 10 to 20 g powder.

Contraindication : The fruit has no known warnings or contraindications. Women may avoid frequent body massage with coconut oil as it promotes abundant hair growth.

Jawz al-hind Jawz Hindee Narikel Narkel Coconut Copra Coconut Palm Kokospalme Cocos-Palme Nariyel Naliar Shriphal Nariyal Narial Gola Narikela Narikera

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