Chrozophora plicata A. Juss.

Chrozophora plicata A
Bengali Name : Khudi Okra
English Name : Turnsole
Hindi Name : Neel Kanthi, Shahdevi
Latin name : Chrozophora plicata A. Juss.
Punjabi Name : Neelkanthi
Sanskrit Name : Suryavarta
Urdu Name : Neel Kanthi

Description : The herb is alterative, anthelmintic and astringent. Useful in skin and blood disorders as well as in jaundice.

Recommended Dosage : 5 to 7 g powder.

Contraindication : This herb has no known warnings or contraindications.

Khudi Okra Turnsole Neel Kanthi Shahdevi Chrozophora plicata A Juss Neelkanthi Suryavarta Neel Kanthi

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