Centipeda minima Linn.

Centella asiatica Linn
Arabic Name : Kundush
Bengali Name : Nakchikni, Mechitta
Chinese Name : E bu shi cao
English Name : Sneezewort, Sneezeweed
French Name : d’s aigrettes
German Name : Kleine Centipede
Gujarati Name : Chhikani, Nakshikani
Hindi Name : Kundush, Nakchikni, Newari
Latin name : Centipeda minima Linn.
Marathi Name : Nakasinkani, Shikani
Persian Name : Bekhe Gazran
Sanskrit Name : Chikkana, Chikkni, Chikika
Urdu Name : Nakchikni

Description : It is anodyne, antitussive, depurative, diuretic and stimulates blood circulation. When inhaled it induces sneezing and so it is used to relieve nasal congestion, especially during coughs and colds, in ozena, and in headaches. It is also useful in paralysis, joint pain and sexual debility.

Recommended Dosage : 1 to 3 g powder of whole plant.

Contraindication : This herb has no known warnings or contraindications.

Kundush Nakchikni Mechitta Sneezewort Kleine Centipede Chhikani Nakshikani Kundush Nakchikni Newari Centipeda minima Linn Nakasinkani Shikani Chikkana Chikkni Chikika Nakchikni

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