Butea frondosa Roxb. & Koen.


Bengali Name : Kinaka, Palash, Polashi
English Name : Bengal Kino, Bastard Teak, Flame of the Forest, Palas Tree, Butea Gum
French Name : Butee-feuillue
German Name : Malabarischer Lackbaum, Ostindischer Palasabaum
Gujarati Name : Khakria, Khakro
Hindi Name : Kamarkas, Palas Ka Gond, Chunia Gond, Palash, Dhak, Dak, Tesu
Butea frondosa Roxb
Kannada Name : Muttaga
Latin name : Butea frondosa Roxb. & Koen.
Marathi Name : Palas, Paras
Persian Name : Palah, Samaghe Palah, Chunia
Punjabi Name : Palash, Dhak, Tesu
Sanskrit Name : Dhak, Palasa
Urdu Name : Tesu, Dhak, Palaspapda

Description : The gum is rich in gallic and tannic acids and is a powerful astringent given internally for phthisis and haemorrhage of stomach and the bladder, in heavy menstrual bleeding, leucorrhoea, fever and ringworms. It is extensively used by women in cases of backache. As its action is mild it is suitable particularly for children and delicate women suffering from diarrhoea and dysentery. Also useful in seminal debility, nocturnal emission, spermatorrhoea and sexual debility.

The flowers are useful in orchitis and rheumatism.

Recommended Dosage : Gum : 500 mg to 1.5 g powder; Flowers : 7 to 10 g powder.

Contraindication : The gum and the flowers have no known warnings or contraindications.

Kinaka Palash Polashi Bengal Kino Bastard Teak Butee-feuillue Malabarischer Lackbaum Khakria Kamarkas Palas Ka Gond Tesu Butea frondosa Roxb Muttaga Palas Palah Samaghe Palah Palash Dhak Dhak Palasa Tesu Dhak Pa

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