Bombax malabaricum DC.


Bengali Name : Roktosimul, Shimul, Simul, Mochras
English Name : Silk Cotton Tree, Red Kapok Tree, Simal Tree
Bombax malabaricum DC
French Name : Arbre En soie De Coton, Fromager
Gujarati Name : Shemlo, Shemlano Gund (Gum)
Hindi Name : Semal, Deokapas, Shimul, Mochras (Gum)
Latin name : Bombax malabaricum DC.
Marathi Name : Sanvar, Sanvari Cha Deek (Gum)
Persian Name : Sembhal, Gond Supari (Gum)
Punjabi Name : Simble, Mocharas (Gum)
Sanskrit Name : Rakta Shalmali, Panchparnil
Urdu Name : Sembhal, Mochras (Gum)

Description : The root possesses tannins and non-tannins. It is aphrodisiac, demulcent, diuretic (slight), emetic, stimulant and tonic. Useful in sexual and seminal debility, premature ejaculation, gonorrhoea, blood impurities, dysentery and also in general debility. Externally, it is used as a styptic and also for fomenting wounds.

The gum is credited with astringent, constipative, demulcent, styptic and tonic properties and is used for dysentery, diarrhoea, bleeding piles, colitis, haemoptysis in pulmonary tuberculosis, influenza and menorrhagia. 30 patients of bleeding piles were treated with the gum (2 gm. in milk twice daily). Complete cure was observed in 70% cases, whereas a remarkable improvement was observed in 10% patients and marginal improvement in 20% cases.

Recommended Dosage : Gum: 5 to 10 g powder; Root: 5 to 10 g powder.

Contraindication : This herb has no known warnings or contraindications.

Simul Mochras Silk Cotton Tree Red Kapok Tree Bombax malabaricum DC Shemlo Shemlano Gund Semal Deokapas Shimul Mochras Sanvar Sanvari Cha Deek Sembhal Gond Supari Simble Mocharas Rakta Shalmali Sembhal

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