Benincasa cerifera Savi.

Arabic Name : Qar’ Sham’ee
Bengali Name : Chal Kumra, Makta
English Name : Wax Gourd, Ash Gourd, White Gourd, Winter Melon
German Name : Wachskürbis, Wachsgurke, Wintermelone
Benincasa cerifera Savi
Hindi Name : Petha, Kohala, Gol Kaddu, Chal Kumra, Pethakaddu
Kannada Name : Boodagumbala, Sandigumbala
Latin name : Benincasa cerifera Savi.
Persian Name : Kaddu-e-Roomi
Sanskrit Name : Kusmanda
Urdu Name : Petha

Description : The fruit is anthelmintic, antiperiodic, aphrodisiac, astringent, demulcent, diuretic, expectorant, febrifuge, laxative, nervine tonic, nutritive, styptic and tonic. It is used in the treatment of lung diseases, asthma, cough, etc. Recent research has shown that the fruits contain anticancer terpenes. Also useful in haemoptysis and other haermorrhages from internal organs. It is highly nutritious food in wasting diseases as pulmonary consumption. Also useful in epilepsy, insanity, peptic ulcer, ulceration of the lungs, hoarseness, etc.

Recommended Dosage : 5 to 7 g. seeds.

Contraindication : This fruit has no known warnings or contraindications.

Chal Kumra Wax Gourd Ash Gourd White Gourd Wachskürbis Wachsgurke Benincasa cerifera Savi Petha Kohala Gol Kaddu Chal Kumra Pethakaddu Boodagumbala Sandigumbala Kusmanda Petha

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