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Unani Herbal In Republic of India.

Unani- tibb spelled Yunani means “Greek Medicine”, and is kind of traditional medicine widely practiced in the South continent. It refers to a custom of Graeco-Arabic medicinal drug which is based on the teachings of Greek Dr. Hippocrates, and Roman Dr. Galen, and formulated in to an elaborate medical arrangement by Arab and Persian doctors, such as Avicenna (Ibn Sena), Al-Zahrawi, Ibn Nafis.

During 13th and 17th century A.D. Unani Medicine had its peak period in India.Throughout with the people of great Britain govern the Unani arrangements of medicine tolerated postpone because of pulling out of State patronage, but continued to be practiced as the masses reposed faith in the system. An outstanding doctor and student of Unani Medicine, Hakim Ajmal Khan (1868 – 1927), defended to get the system of rules in India.

According to a basic fact of Unani the body is made up of the four Basic elements i.e. Earth, Air, Water, Fire which have different Temperaments i.e. Cold, Hot, Wet, Dry. After merging and interaction of four elements a new compound having new temperament comes into existence i.e. Hot Wet, Hot Dry, Cold Wet, and Cold Dry. The body has the Simple and Compound Organs which got their nutrition through four Humors i.e. Yellow Bile Blood, Phlegm, , Black Bile. The humor also assigned disposition and wet, Phlegm is cold and hot, yellow bile is dry and hot and black bile is dry and cold.

Unani medicine trusts in Promotion of Health, prevention of diseases and cure.

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