Hair loss

Striking Facts About Hair Loss!

Hair loss is a condition equally prevalent in both men and women and the starting stage is when hairs start to thin down. The reason could be anything, but is to be known that the damage needs to be attended and combated before much damage is done, else condition like baldness can arrive.

Causes Of Hair Loss

Most of the times hair loss is attached with poor diet, genetic factors or even aging process, our hairs too pass through each stage of our life and are thus affected by the changes. Prolonged illness, drastic nutritional changes, hormonal changes and conditions such as pregnancy also lead to thinning of hair and even hair loss in some people. Some other health disorders that have been contributing to hair loss in the past are thyroid and anemia.

How Much Hair Loss Is Normal?

Our scalp holds 85% of active hair while the others are resting, when we comb or shampoo, 50-100 strands out of the active ones fall and this is considered to be a normal condition. If ones finds that clumps are coming out and the hair are becoming too thin, this could be considered as a warning sign.

Solutions For Hair Loss

People suffering from hair loss need to know that the solutions are many, but one needs to pick the one that is idyllic as per the hair loss pattern and other contributors. As far as the drugs are concerned, there are two such that are available all across the globe and found to be highly effective, Rogaine and Propecia. These medicines are going to stimulate the scalp and as a result of this the hair follicles would get active.
For the ones who feel that medicines have not given in any good results, going in for hair transplants would be a great option. This is a hair replacement process in which hair follicles are transplanted on the scalp to give one a full head once again.

Natural Solutions That Could Work Wonders For Hair Loss

Going in for the natural solutions along with the medicines is going to fasten up the process and bring in desired results without causing any harm. Some strict dietary changes are required, one needs to take in the food items such as cucumbers, sprouts and peppers as these strengthen hair and add to the growth. Natural chemicals present in green tea would also work wonders; it would be a nice thing to sip it in early morning.

The Bottom Line

With the stress filled and over polluted lives that we all are leading, hair loss has become common. One needs to get to the root cause and then opt in for the treatment that promises to work on thinning hair and hair loss in a safe and effectual way.

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