Gastritis is caused due to inflammation and irritation of mucosa or stomach lining. It is due to sudden as well as severe inflammation of the stomach lining that causes acute gastritis. It becomes chronic in nature if gastritis continues for a long prolonged period of time. You have to take very good care of your health when you suffer from gastritis problem. So, here we would have a good look at the causes, symptoms as well as natural remedies for this problem so that you can get the best idea.
What are the causes of Gastritis?

Let us have a look at the causes of gastritis:

• Excessive alcohol intake
• Chemotherapy
• Heavy meals
• Disorder of healthy cells of stomach lining
• Severe burns
• Swallowing corrosives
• Swallowing foreign bodies
• Endoscopies
• Surgery
• Iron tablets and Potassium supplements
• Traumatic injuries
• Critical illness
• Diseases like pernicious anemia and Crohn’s disease

What are the symptoms of Gastritis?

When it comes to the symptoms of Gastritis, here it goes:

• Upper abdominal pain or dyspepsia
• Nausea
• Loss of appetite
• Bad breath
• Bloating
• Feeling of fullness in upper abdomen
• Vomiting
• Passing of blood in stool
• Belching
• Burning sensation in upper abdomen
• Acid reflux
• Blood vomiting
• Indigestion
• Passing black, tarry stool.

What are the natural remedies for Gastritis?

There are different natural remedies that can be found for Gastritis which helps you to get the best result within a very short period of time as well. So, let us have a good look at it in order to get the maximum benefits out of it without any problem at all making you get the best cure.

1. Take a glass of orange juice along with roasted cumin seeds. You then need to add a pinch of rock salt and drink it in order to get the best result for your gastritis disease.

2. Take 4 crushed cloves of garlic where you need to consume everyday in the morning. Make sure that you take it in an empty stomach. You would be able to get effective remedy for your gastritis.

3. Try to make sure that you drink a glass of milk and that too every night. You need to ensure that you drink daily to get effective remedy for your gastritis without any worry.

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