Common cold is a viral infection of our upper respiratory tract. It is a communicable disease children catch this disease faster than adults. Most people recover from a common cold in about a week or two.

How is the common cold transmitted?

The common cold is spread directly when an infected person sneeze and the other person inhale the airborne viruses or when an individual who had a cold blows or touches their nose and then touches someone.
Risk factors for acquiring the common cold
• Age: infants and young children catch very soon as compare to elders.
• Weakened immune system
• Seasonal variation

Signs and symptoms of common cold
• Nasal stuffiness or drainage
• Sore or scratchy throat
• Sneezing
• Hoarseness
• Cough
• Watery eyes
• Low-grade fever
• Headache
• Body aches

Natural Treatment

Relief with natural ingredients!
Natural medicine emphasizes on treating the underlying imbalance in the immune system rather than simply curing an infection. The common cold responds well with natural medicines which is a great advantage over other conventional medicines. Natural paths generally give an opinion that a cold, once or twice a year is not a bad thing. There is a well-known saying which authenticates this insight, ‘Don’t cure a cold, let a cold cure you’. But we also cannot ignore the fact that your ‘ordinary’ cold might erupt into flu or pneumonia.

Both the common cold and the flu are caused by viruses, not bacteria. Symptoms of an influenza or flu virus infection may be similar to cold, but are usually severe. Flu symptoms may include high fever and severe muscle aches.

Consequently, if you consider the remedy measures ‘prevention would always be better than cure’. If you notice that you are having more than two colds a year it would be advised to seek help from a professional natural path to strengthen your immune system.

Self Care Tips for Common Cold:
The common cold and cough affects millions of people each year. Here are some self-care tips you need to be aware of:
• Prevent cold by carefully avoiding contact with cold sufferers and by remembering to frequently wash your hands.
• Drink lots of water; consume a diet with high fibre content and additional vitamin C.
• Do steam inhalation 2 to 3 times a day
• Use saline nasal drops to relieve congestion.
• Consuming green tea is highly beneficial for all those who are prone to catch cold quite often.
• Get plenty of rest – it helps you to recover quickly.

You should contact your healthcare provider if your cold continues for more than 7 days or if your symptoms include a high fever, swollen glands, severe sinus pain or a cough with excessive mucus. These may be signs of a more serious illness.

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